spicy globe basil ocimum basilicum spicy globe

Spicy Globe Basil (Ocimum Basilicum Spicy Globe)

Spicy Globe Basil (Ocimum Basilicum Spicy Globe) features small leaves in a dense and compact boxwood (rounded) shape perfect for pots and small gardens. This variety of basil is often used as an edging plant for garden boxes.

When mature, the plant grows about 10 inches tall and features a unique mound, or boxwood, shape with very small leaves. The best way to ensure healthy growth is to constantly harvest the leaves which will ensure that the plant grows bushy.

Though an ornamental plant with beautiful white blossoms, the small leaves of spicy globe basil pack a flavorful punch similar to sweet basil. The leaves can be used in almost any type of Italian dish the same as sweet basil.

Spicy globe basil is great for those who want to grow basil indoors, such as on a windowsill, or outdoors on a small patio or balcony in a pot.